Mathematics High

The Number Crunch Kids

Number 1

Number 1 is always happy  because number 1 always comes first in all sporting events and races at school and is the captain of all the school teams and always gets picked 1st . Number 1 also loves academic  academic studies too! Number 1 always achieves top grades in tests, exams and coursework because number 1 always spends plenty of time on revision to gain the required outcomes before sitting the exams. Number 1’s favourite colour is red because number 1’s favourite team plays in a red strip. All the other numbers in the class look up to number 1. Number 1’s  best friend is Number 2. They live near each other on the same street and always spend time playing together when at home and always catch the school bus together from the top of their road in the morning for the journey to school.

(Let’s go and meet number 2 …..)

Number 2

Number 2 is 1’s best friend. They’ve grown up together and live on the same street. Unlike number 1, number 2 is always sad and fed up. Number 2 can’t help his feelings because Number 2 always comes 2nd place to number 1 an all subjects and in all of the sporting events at school. Number 2 knows that it’s not all about winning it’s about taking part, but still strives every day to be as good, if not better, than 1. Number 2’s favourite colour is blue because number 2’s favourite team play in blue but they are not very good and lose a lot of games which also makes number 2 unhappy. Number 2’s nickname is ‘Blue’  because it rhymes with two. Number 2 loves school and all the great and lasting friendships that are found and nurtured there. Number 2 loves the journey home on the school bus in the company of all the other numbers and symbols.

(Let’s go and meet number 3….)

Number 3

Number 3 lives at the bottom of the estate and is always the last number to be picked up by the school bus. Number 3 takes pride in always being on time but worries that the other numbers are not as punctual.

“What if 8 was late getting breakfast?”

“That will make me late – that won’t do – no, no.”

Number 3’s favourite colour is brown.  Number 3 hates to waste precious study time and chose the colour brown so as to go unnoticed and left alone to work on problem solving.

Number 3 likes to sit on the back seat on the bus and the other numbers try to save a seat. 

(Let’s go and meet number 4…)

Number 4

No. ‘4’ Lives Near No.’3’ at the Bottom of the Estate, Where Nothing Much happens, So No. ‘4’ Spends a lot of time feeling ‘Bored’ when away from their Classmates/Numbers. No. ‘4’ tries to make the time pass by Playing Board games Like ‘Chess, Monopoly and Connect ‘4’ when at Home which are All intelligent Games to learn and Play to Help in Education. No. ‘4’ is Never ‘Bored’ at
School when Engaging together with their Classmates/Numbers. The Feeling of Boredom is Lifted when No. ‘4’ when Learning in Class.

(Let’s Go and Meet No. ‘5’…)

Number 5

No. ‘5’ is So ‘Funny’ …the Joker of the Class, the Class Clown, but Always put a Smile on Everyone’s Face. No. ‘5”s Favourite Colour is Yellow Like a Ray of Sunshine or a Bright Spark due to No.5’s Humorous Nature. No. ‘5’ Does like to Stay quiet during Lessons in Class, but Can Come Out with an occasional Witty Comment if Related the Topic of Study. No. ‘5’ is Always Smiling and Likes
to Party at Weekend but Not on a School Night. All of the other Classmates/Numbers like No. ‘5’ because they keep Them Smiling throughout Education Time.

(Let’s Go and Meet N.’6’…)

Number 6

No. ‘6’ Doesn’t Catch the School bus to Class because They Live in the Rural area of the Town Nearby to the School and Enjoys walking to Education Enjoying Nature and the Fresh air and Flowers Along the Way to School. No. ‘6’ Sits Next to No. ‘3’ in Registration, Due to No. ‘6’s Sensitive Nature No. ‘6’ is a Calming Influence and Help’s No ‘3’s Worries Go Away at the Start of Each Day! No. ‘6’ + No ‘3’ Spend Breaks and Lunchtime Together discussing Lessons and What They have Learnt. No. ‘6’’ Enjoys the Garden and Listening to Soothing Music. No. ‘6’ Also Likes to Bake Cakes and Cookies to take to School to Share with Their Classmates/Numbers. So Which Classmates/Number Does No. ‘6’ Secretly Like?

(Let’s Go and Meet No. ‘7’…

Number 7

No. ‘7’ Has Got to Be the ‘Luckiest’ Number in the Class. No. ‘7’ is So Lucky They Predict the Right Answers to the Question Nearly Every Time. Always Lucky Enough to just make it through the Exams and Tests Each Day. No. ‘7’ is Liked by All of Their Classmates/Numbers and They All Wish that Some of No. ‘7’s Luck Will Rub off on Them During the School Day. No. ‘7’ Likes to Spend their Break from Education Playing Games with Their Classmates/Numbers and Would Always leave School with more
Conkers and Marbles Than They Arrived With. No. ‘7’ is Sometimes Nicknamed ‘Super 7’ by No. ‘1’ as They are the Star Player of the Team, Although Most of No. ‘7’s Goals have Been Classed as Lucky by the Other Members of the Team.

(Let’s Go and Meet No. ‘8’…

Number 8

No. ‘8’ is Always Excited about Going to Education, Learning and Studying with their Classmates/Numbers at School. No. ‘8’ is Always Up Early for Education and is Showered and Dressed in No Time in Their Favourite Bright Exciting Colour Orange. No. ‘8’ Enjoys a Big Bowl of Breakfast before Catching the School Bus as They Believe That it is the Most Important Meal of the Day or as No. ‘8’ Calls it ‘Fuel for School’ There are Some Mornings when No. ‘8’ is So Hungry or Makes a Cooked Breakfast put Them behind Schedule for the Leaving the House to Catch the Bus to Education which makes No. ‘3’ Worry That They’ll All Be Late!

(Let’s Go and Meer No. ‘9’…

Number 9

No. ‘9’ Gets Very Nervous in Class When it is Coming Close to Exam Time. So Spends most Evenings at Home Studying and Revising Just in case There is a Surprise Test Tomorrow. No. 9’ Lives Close to the School and Could Meet No. ‘6’ but No. ‘9’ Prefers to Wait So They Can Join Their Classmates/Numbers on the Short Now, Journey to Education. In That Short Space of Time from Their House. The Ride Along with the Rest of the Classmates/Numbers on the Bus to School Always makes them feel Less Nervous.

(Oh!!!…. Now We Have to Meet Naughty ZERO No. ‘0

Number 0

No.’0’ Rides Their ‘BMX’ Bike to School, But Never Chains it Up to Secure and Keep it Safe During School Time. No. ‘0’ knows that None of the Other Classmates/Numbers Would Dream of Stealing it Because They are Nicer Numbers. No. ‘0’ Likes to Be   Disruptive and Naughty in Class and is Often Kept Behind for Their Behaviour for Extra Tutoring. It’s Only because No. ‘0’ Doesn’t Get Alot of Attention Outside of Education and Often Plays Alone at Home or Causing Mischief. No. ‘0’ Knows That their Behaviour is having an Impact on Their Grades in Class! So, No ‘0’ Promises That They Will Try To Be GOOD, to Achieve Better Outcomes and Grades for Their Future.