I have just started teaching a seven-year-old reading. She has a good background in understanding phonics and knows many sight words.

Here I will outline the strategies I will use with her going forward.

As common sight words do not usually sound as they are spelt, they cannot be sounded out, for this reason I fell sight words should be memorised. This is the first strategy I will employ with my student.

It is important to read stories aloud and do lots of talking around them to improve listening skills and vocabulary. Talking also helps with sentence formation and how to use context clues when someone speaks.

Reading is about exploration, enjoyment and having fun. It should be engaging with colourful imagery.

I intend to search out books and topics to encourage reading.

Together we will try word games, word searches, crosswords, junior scrabble, and Boggle. When one strategy fails, I will search for another.

Together we will work through our weekly sessions with patience, and proficiency will naturally follow.